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I’ve been asked many times over the years which interior design style best describes my work. I love to blend many different elements in my designs, but if I had to choose one theme that runs through all of the projects, it would be modern interior design.

History of modern design

Historically, modern interior design grew out of an appreciation for practicality, or the idea that form follows function. In the early 19th century, people who opposed traditional styles and decoration started developing innovative and futuristic ideas.

Today, modern design is somewhat warmer and less angular than in the early days. At SDG, we like to combine modern features with contemporary, traditional, rustic and global elements to create a design that reflects the personal style and preferences of each client.

Modern features

A modern house interior features clean lines, open floors plans, and ample natural light.

In general, modern design is associated with minimalist design styles. The bright yet calm open spaces of modern design inspire a feeling of elegance and sophistication.

In modern interior design we favor furniture with clean, simple lines. The balance  that a skilled designer brings to the table is in the selection of possible materials, some smooth, some textured. Knowing the perfect proportions is an art.

Use of color

Calming tones such as white, creamy brown or grey are most often used in modern interior design. Walls tend to be white. The neutral flooring in a modern design is made of wood, granite, bamboo, cement, natural tile, cork or rubber. Floor coverings made of natural materials follow the neutral-color palette of the overall modern house interior design. Primary colors are used sparingly, as accents in modern design.

What’s your style?

The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of modern design reflect the sense of peace and elegance we want our clients and their guests to experience when they enter a space created by Samuel Design Group.