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The challenge of designing the interiors of this ridgetop house was born only of the passion that the owners have for natural stone and other beautiful finishes. How is that a challenge?

There are thousands of choices! The desire to have a home that showcased the magnificent views and served as a backdrop for displaying Native arts, would have to be rather serene and visually quiet. Therefore, skill and carefully thought-out combinations of natural stone would have to be discriminately selected.

The stones from around the world came together under a skillful hand and refined eye to avoid a visually cluttered space. Smokey quartz from Italy, Travonia limestone from Brazil and New Mexico buff sandstone are among these delicious finishes.

Modern Flair, Natural Finishes with a Modern Flair


Behind the scenes

I will share some of the highlights of the architectural beauty. For starters, the angled hallway that traverses 62 feet from the dining room to the master suite is a generous six feet wide and is filled with natural light from two large skylights. Beams cast linear shadows on the diamond-finish plastered walls throughout the day. Once you turn the gentle angle of the first bend, your eyes behold a surprise of one large, deep rectangular nicho that holds the owners’ magnificent Native American pottery collection behind impressive one-inch thick clear glass.

There is another around the next corner and both nichos are surrounded by handcrafted Anasazi stacked stone from floor to ceiling, kissing the light from the skylight as they meet the ceiling.

The ceiling in this long “art hallway” is appointed with reclaimed wood from an old cattle fence. The ceiling is built in such a way that it appears to be floating gracefully over this pathway. The powder room’s ceiling is a floating steel panel with hundreds of tiny LED light points that mimic a midnight sky!

Breathtaking landscape

The warmth of the desert landscape hugs this ridgetop home almost as spectacularly as the sun setting behind the Jemez mountain range visible from the kitchen, dining and living rooms. Furnishings were kept to clean simple lines and neutral fabrics to allow the beauty of the architecture and the finishes to radiate their beauty perfectly.

The design inspiration was evoked by the warmth of the desert landscape and the passion of the owners’ love for Santa Fe. The home’s design and carefully curated appointments produce an unexpected tension between the old and the new. The clean-lined furniture and neutral colors lend a serenity to the space.

The architect perfectly sited the building to capture the breathtaking landscape cherished by the owners. The architecture, design and meticulous craftsmanship are seriously beautiful and also playfully delightful!

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