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There’s no doubt about it…the bed plays a large role in our lives. Most of us spend spend a third of our lives in bed. That means on average we sleep for 26 years in an 80-year lifetime. Our bed is a place of refuge and a place where we can be ourselves through rest, reflection and intimacy. We curl up in bed with a book or cuddle with our pets. It is our nest.

So, of course, our bed should be one of the most important purchases for our home. In interior design, we mostly focus on how to dress a bed with pillows, sheets and coverlets. Let’s focus on what size of bed you should be using for each purpose.

design tip, The Perfect Bed

The size that’s just right

A twin bed is the most functional because it can be used in almost any size room. This is a great option for guests of all ages and genders. In a larger room, adding two twin beds can be ideal for siblings.
For multi-purpose spaces, such as an office/guest bedroom combo, a day bed is a smart choice. When your room is being used as an office, the day bed could be used as additional seating, like a loveseat. Then at night your guest can use it as a bed. Another unexpected option is using a sleeper sofa. No one would ever know that a bed is in your office!

A queen size bed is the most popular size and is perfect for teen bedrooms and guest suites. It is just enough space for a couple or for someone to stretch out and have the bed all to themselves.

To make a grand statement, a king size bed is the way to go. Make sure that your room is large enough to accommodate a king bed so that you avoid it feeling crowded. A king bed is the most comfy and roomy which is great for a couple. There are two types of king beds. A standard king is wider and shorter than a California king. A California king bed is longer and not as wide as a king bed. Depending on your body, for example if you are taller, a California king bed would be a better option for you.

design tip, The Perfect Bed

Dress it up

Once you’ve decided which bed fits your space best and meets all of your needs, it’s time to dress your bed up! Throw on a fabulous duvet or coverlet and pair it with some fun accent pillows with various colors and textures. You might even want a luxurious throw at the foot of the bed. From cotton to cashmere, to faux fur, there is something perfect for every bed and every style.

Make sure that your bedroom is a sanctuary and a retreat like no other in your home. After all, this is where you spend a third of your life, so be sure it is amazing.

If you’ve been wanting to spruce up your bedroom, come by our studio at 607 Cerrillos Road, near the historic plaza in Santa Fe. We have some amazing selections in our showroom. One-of-a-kind beds, bedding and furniture are always an option. If you’re looking for something more personal, we can customize and fabricate the perfect piece just for you!

design tip, The Perfect Bed

Design tip

At Samuel Design Group, we love combining euros with a long lumbar or bolster pillow for queen and king size beds. When choosing the type of bedding to use, we like  anti-microbial, hypoallergenic bamboo sheets. They’re so dreamy and silky.