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Even the Smallest of Kitchens Can Be Transformed

Make it your habit not to be critical about small things. – Edward Everett Hale

We’ve all heard that great things come in small packages, but when it comes to the most important rooms in our homes, many of us feel that bigger is better — especially our kitchens. If you love to cook (or if you need to cook a lot for your family, regardless of your interest), it’s normal to feel frustrated with a dated, small, un-functioning kitchen.

Perhaps even more than the other rooms in our homes, kitchen design has evolved over time. Older kitchens typically aren’t very functional and don’t meet the requirements of modern families. Their layouts aren’t equipped to handle the large, modern appliances and convenient islands most homeowners would like in a contemporary kitchen.

The good news is that even the smallest of kitchens can be transformed with proper planning, inspired imagination, and the right training, skills, and expertise. It mostly comes down to some creative thinking about how we use the modern kitchen.

When I work with a client on a small kitchen remodel, my first step is always to talk to them about their needs and vision. I want to know how they use their kitchen and what’s missing with their current set up. It’s important to me that I stretch the client ‘just the right amount’, encouraging them to think outside the box in a way that isn’t overwhelming so we can achieve astounding results.

When transforming a small space, restraint is key. Not every surface or feature should rise to the foreground. Instead, the focal point must be carefully and thoughtfully curated, with all other details relating to and supporting that focal point without detracting from it.

Personally, I love using contrast in my work, incorporating lighter finishes to brighten darker cabinetry or vise versa. Regardless of these decisions, though, maintaining harmonious transitions with other spaces in your home is paramount.

The way we use our kitchens will continue to evolve over time, as with any home trend. What’s most important is that your kitchen works for you and your family — but that means something different to everyone. Working with a professional is the best way to ensure even the smallest of kitchens can achieve the personality and functionality you’re looking for.