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“Ontological design is the design discipline concerned with designing human experience. It does so by operation under one essential assumption: that by designing objects, spaces, tools and experiences, we are in fact designing the human being itself.”

Daniel Fraga ~ The Manifesto of Ontological Design. May 27,2020.

I have always been fascinated by science, philosophy, and metaphysics. Of course, it is natural for me to look at this field of study through the lens of designing interior spaces.  I have always been of the mind that our environment as it relates to our home and office space or quite frankly any other space that we as humans occupy. Typically, home and office have been mostly separate places for most persons. However, 2020 showed us all a ‘new reality’ as the Corona Virus Pandemic swept across the planet. Suddenly our homes became multi-purpose spaces for work, schooling our children, and our usual home sanctuary where we recharge and refresh each evening and morning preparing us to face a new day of challenges out in the world. This sudden shift caused many to take a more curious look at how they use and feel in their homes. It is clear in our ‘industry of interior design’ that this examination of home has generated a lot of business for this industry on many levels whether you are a DIYer or someone who hires an interior design professional. What this says to me is that as people are spending more time at home and realizing that HOME is not fulfilling their needs!

Ontological Design, Ontological Design

Nature is evoked by the use of reclaimed wood, ‘earthen’ looking walls, and what seems like a starry sky dripping from the skylight, calming the mind and therefore the body.”

In basic terms, the way our spaces are designed are designing us! The basic model for cognitive and emotional well being as broken up into four main categories are as follows: Mind. Body. Relationships. Environment.

I am going to focus on the quadrant of Environment. This quadrant accounts for the predominant aspects of our daily experience. The quality of the air, the lighting in our homes, the rest and sleeping quality afforded by our home environment, the aesthetics of our home and finally the capability to engross ourselves in as much nature as possible within our home environment. There are technologies available to enhance our homes environment that many persons employ, some of them are quality natural bedding, water and air filtration systems, full spectrum lighting are a few. Our home environment is and has been the foundation for a healthy life, but maybe underappreciated until recent events caused us to home in and examine this more closely. Prioritizing the organization and function of home is critical now as we embrace a multi-functional space for living and working and maybe even teaching or supporting the learning. The aesthetic beauty can positively enhance our living and supply us with a foundation for health.

My encouragement to you the reader, is to consider what enhancements could be made to your designed environment to enhance your overall wellbeing which in turn inspires a new reality for you.

“Just as you grow into the world, the world grows into you. Not only do you occupy a certain place, but that place, in turn, occupies you….” ~Costica Bradatan