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SDG Designer Patrick Allen earns WELL accreditation

We’re excited to share that SDG designer Patrick Allen just became a WELL Accredited Professional through the International WELL Building Institute. The WELL AP credential denotes a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities.

Patrick’s study included a range of interdisciplinary topics, from the impacts of air contaminants on health, to the power of water quality and the link between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disease.

“The big reason I chose to pursue this credential is its focus on the holistic approach to building design centered around the human – compared certifications like LEED, although valuable, have a much broader focus on sustainability of the environment whereas WELL and WELL AP’s consider the who in a project,” Patrick said. “I felt like WELL does a great job of integrating sustainability while keeping human wellness at the forefront.”

You can read more about the WELL Building Institute and this designation here.

In demonstrating this commitment to creating spaces that empower people to eat, sleep, work out, perform and feel their best, Patrick exemplifies SDG’s guiding principle of “feelosophy.” Both in the Pacific Northwest and in Santa Fe, Patrick helps us design spaces where our clients thrive!