Ridgetop Retreat

This fully custom-designed home on a ridgetop near Tesuque reflects the passions and tastes of a Houston couple who dreamed of retiring in Santa Fe. The design is inspired by the couple’s outstanding collection of Native American pottery and textiles. The home becomes a modern showcase for their art and a serene haven to enjoy the surrounding landscape with both indoor and exterior living spaces. The one-story home is built on the top of a steep ridge of land overlooking the Tesuque Pueblo Reservation north of Santa Fe.

A modern aesthetic graces the interior. Natural materials and other exquisite finishes abound. Cabinets are hand-selected of fine artisan woods. A showpiece is the master bath vanity and shower crafted of resin with smokey quartz. Over the past six years, Samuel Design Group has collaborated with Richard Martinez Architecture Studio and Compadre Custom Construction of Santa Fe as well as the original project builder, David Mullin, to bring our clients’ dreams to life.