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Kinsel Residence - room that plays to the senses

What kinds of feelings do your interior spaces evoke? When entering a residence, there is usually an instant sense of comfort, inspiration, or disconsolation.

Total design takes into account every principal of design. The placement of well-chosen items and creative display of art and other interesting objects can create a first impression that can be a welcoming experience for everyone.

The nature of ’feelosophy’

Designing a space is not about trends in the latest fads in decorating. Design is about creating an experience, first and foremost. Knowing intuitively when to use texture and form to create interest, or drawing attention to an unusual bit of architecture, framing an outstanding view, are all parts of capturing the sublime beauty of a space.

The space should offer solace, energy, or whatever the function and desire of the room was determined to be. The occupants will surely flourish in this type of thoughtful environment. The actual “style” is irrelevant for what I’m describing.

Play to the senses

If your style is minimalistic and modern, there are wonderful opportunities to add texture and warmth to a room. Considering the sensuality of materials is really key to create “the experience.”

It’s important to pay attention to our senses of sight, smell, touch and sound. A professional interior designer likely has the skills and tendency to carefully consider all of these elements when designing a space. If you tend to be a DIY individual, keep these things in mind.

When remodeling or taking steps to refresh a space with new appointments in finishes, do so with the thought and care, keeping the above musings in mind. There are also ways to add special accents to your home if you are remodeling or interested in a more natural integration approach to texture.

Principles of harmony

Total design emphasizes harmony in design through principles of color therapy, possibly feng shui, the use of unusual materials used in unexpected ways, along with practical matters like room flow, the quality of light, and the placement of walls.

All rooms in a home have impact on our lives and should be considered, not just the common rooms that our friends and family see regularly. The bathroom, for example, is a room where we begin and end our day, a room where we cleanse and energize ourselves to face the beginning of a new day or to prepare for sleep. The details and contemplative thought must be given to these rooms.

Design matters

Design can indeed change people’s lives, being a designer is a huge responsibility, in my opinion. Total design should be not only beautiful, but contemplative and inspiring to those who benefit from it. Total design is significant and powerful to the human psyche.

Lisa Samuel of Samuel Design Group

Lisa Samuel ASID, IIDA, CAPS, is founder, principal and lead designer of Samuel Design Group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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