The Captivating Beauty of Contrast

An example of contrasting styles and textures in interior design

Contrast is where two or more elements that have opposite characteristics are placed together. It is not as simple as black versus white or solid shapes versus fine lines or…Read More

Better together: Technology and interior design

Technology has changed interior design

  In 1979 when I first began my study of architecture, construction and interior design I used vellum, a T-square, lead holders (a mechanical holder for lead), lead pointers (sharpener),…Read More

Miminalism: Creating Balance

A minimalist dining room

There’s something special when someone gifts you a single rose. A rose that can stand alone is powerful. The same goes for interiors. When designing a living space, it’s crucial…Read More

Experience Total Design

Kinsel Residence - room that plays to the senses

What kinds of feelings do your interior spaces evoke? When entering a residence, there is usually an instant sense of comfort, inspiration, or disconsolation. Total design takes into account every…Read More

The Innocence of Good Design

Marc Thorpe and his HUSK furniture collection

  Innovative design arrives when you listen to your inner child. Remembering your innocence and contacting curiosity will breed the innovative spirit needed to construct contemporary art. Designing is purely…Read More

Ambivalent about color? Add a splash!

A neutral room with bright colored accents

Summertime is here, and it’s time to bring out color! Using color can frighten some people, but we say embrace it, don’t beige it. A safe approach is having pops…Read More

The Legs Have It

Santa Fe style dining room design

  When it comes to dining tables there are so many options. How do you choose the right one? After all, you’ll be dining and entertaining with family and friends,…Read More

The Perfect Bed

  There’s no doubt about it…the bed plays a large role in our lives. Most of us spend spend a third of our lives in bed. That means on average…Read More

Holiday Spirit

Gold holiday ornaments

We’re sprucing up for the holidays here at Samuel Design Interiors, and invite you to our studio + home boutique to see the latest treasures we’ve picked up in our…Read More

Change of Seasons

Ancient-future table setting

Autumn is such a delightful time of year. With the holidays approaching, we’ve got a lot happening both onsite with projects and in the studio at Samuel Design Group.  …Read More