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Summertime is here, and it’s time to bring out color! Using color can frighten some people, but we say embrace it, don’t beige it. A safe approach is having pops of colors on a neutral background. As you become more comfortable, you can begin to incorporate even more or brighter colors in your living spaces.

Santa Fe interior design

Take this bathroom, for example. Everything is neutral. Cream-colored walls and soft oak cabinets with white countertops sitting above the red brick floors. However, it’s not hard to miss the teal glass subway tiles that surround the crisp white soaking tub. This creates a ‘wow factor’ that personalizes the space beautifully.

Using a pop of color in a tile installation may feel too permanent for some. For those who want to have a splash of color but be able to change it easily in the future, we have a solution for you. Let’s start with the same concept; furniture, floors, and walls are all fairly neutral; an easy, cost-effective way to add that drama is paint an accent wall. Here we have painted the fireplace wall a bold red, thus tying everything together and giving the space a fun and energetic sensation.

If you’re taking the leap into color, start small by making the switch from all neutrals to incorporating a splash of color, using these simple and fresh options. Bringing the outdoors in can add color and liveliness to the space with plants. Try using centerpieces on your dining table or coffee tables filled with fresh, brightly colored flowers. This will also bring a smile to your face every time you see the color of life in your space. Color can always bring a positive vibe to your home.

If you don’t have a green thumb, artificial and silk plants are a great alternative and can still portray that feeling of life and vibrant colors. We have used the faux succulents in these clear glass spheres, and what a pop of color it adds!

Another fun way of adding that pop of color is having a statement piece of furniture and by using unique and colorful fabrics. You can introduce color with pillows, poufs, throw blankets, and artwork. Incorporating color into your accessories and accents pieces is a fun and inexpensive way to add that pop. During the holiday season, you can easily switch these things out to change the feel of the space or make it festive for the holidays.

Santa Fe Interior Design

No matter what your budget is or your level of comfort with color, there are always ways to do it. Color can influence you in many positive ways. So go on, and add a pop of color to your space!

Contact Samuel Design Group to learn more about adding a splash of unique to your home. Or stop by our studio and showroom at 607 Cerrillos Road, near the historic plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico.